Bike Week Ride 2 Work Day

Bike Week Ride 2 Work Day

Written by mib (07.03.06, 20:36:35)

Today was the annual Ride 2 Work Day, where people get on their bikes and ride to work, as the name implies. It is held as part off the bigger cycling celebration called Bike Week. Rosemarie and I of course used Trusty for the ride.

We were asked to lead the group in from Capalaba. The groups joins with other groups on the way. As I knew there would be people who normally don't ride the 25km to the city, I decided to offer them an alternative route then continuing in along Old Cleveland Road all the way. When I offered this idea to the small group assembled at Capalaba, they all thought they would like to try it.

So, we set off to town, meeting with other groups of riders on the way. When meet met with new riders we made them the same offer and they all decided to give the route a try. Finally, we arrived at King George Square in Brisbane most of the new riders comment that they liked the route and thought they would use it in the future. I had printed out maps of the route and they were all willing to take one.

If you are interested here's the map: