Hob-Knobbing at Government House

Hob-Knobbing at Government House

Written by DrBread (10.05.05, 23:57:20)

Bicycle Queensland (BQ) had kindly nominated Malcolm and I to attend a Reception last night (Tuesday 10th May) at Government House in order to celebrate National Volunteers Week. Of course it was a Lounge Suit/Cocktail Dress affair. Upon reading this on the invite, I immediately put it to Malcolm that I could wear a suit but having said that I found myself thinking it quite ill-fitting for me to wear a suit given the occasion. So, here's me dragging Malcolm around the clothes shops two Saturdays beforehand, searching for an appropriate, inexpensive dress. I ended up settling for an elegant two-piece black outfit decorated with pink Clematis flowers.

Driving up the driveway to Government House, I kept wondering what the formalities would be upon entering. You know would we have to line up for The Governor in order to be introduced to her, just as in meeting the Queen. Or would we get announced at the door as we entered. As it would happen, I didn’t have very long to consider this because we were ushered swiftly by security towards the parking area and then directed by security to ascend the white marbled stairs, bound for the Drawing Room.

Once inside this white-gold room that housed Arthur Streeton paintings, Malcolm and I were enveloped promptly by other BQ guests. There were no formal introductions, just formally clad bodies littering the Drawing Room, The Governor being one of the formally clad identities. So, I need not have concerned myself over the "introductions" issue.

It was certainly very different circumstances and grand surroundings in which we found ourselves engulfed in conversation with familiar faces. While engaged in conversation with fellow BQ members, I couldn't help but notice the various canopes that were being offered by Her Excellency’s hospitality staff. The first canopy to be served was little squares of potato and egg, topped with a creamy parsley garnish. Other delicacies served were chicken and avocado-filled Sushi with dipping sauce, crumbed prawns, Oysters Kilpatrick, mini salmon tartlets, beef shish kebabs, and mini sausages. I didn't actually get to eat any of these canopies but delighted in a game of identifying their ingredients by using sight and smell alone as Malcolm devoured some of these food items. Oh, there was a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinky poohs served to wash down the canopies with.

After about an hour and a half of fraternising with BQ friends, a bell was sounded. This was used to quieten the room so that The Governor could thank all guests for their selfless contribution to non-profit organisations in Queensland. It wasn't long after this that we then went our separate ways but not before a brief photographic shoot as proof of our attendance at Government House. You see we all had going somewhere for dinner in mind. Malcolm and I ended up at our favourite pizza place for dinner, Slice, at West End.

Going to Government House as an invited guest of The Governor was a great honour bestowed upon us by BQ. I've secretly wanted to see Government House ever since reading some Patricia Shaw novels that were set there. So, BQ gave me that chance and I thank them for it. It was an evening with a difference and I'll certainly treasure our little white invitation card, complete with gold-foil crown on the top from Her Excellency The Governor and Mr Michael Bryce.