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Selle Italia LDY Gel Flow Trans Am Rocks!
Cycling: 21.04.05, 23:58:13 by DrBread
Cycling This week I become the owner of a 2005 Selle Italia LDY Gel Flow TRANS AM, which is fashioned in a lovely "black widow" colour scheme that matches my metallic red road bike (Carrots). While there have been numerous accounts given by women concerning the virtues of this saddle, I tried to remain objective when assessing the comfort of this saddle for myself.

Day one on my Selle Italia saddle proved to be good. There was no numbness experienced in the "fleshy bits", no soreness in the inner thigh, and no gripping pain around the tailbone. Well, so far so good but I didn't like to think that my assessment had been influenced by what other women had said about the Selle Italia LDY Gel Flow TRANS AM. So I opted to do further testing over a three-day period; three is a good scientific number.

Day two brought with it a change to my physical comfort on the bike. With additional aches and pains owing to menstruation, I reluctantly hopped on my bike for further testing of my saddle. You see I usually don't ride the first two days because it's too painful to sit on the saddle. But wait for it girls, I didn't feel any pain from sitting on my Selle Italia LDY Gel Flow TRANS AM. In fact, I was quite comfortable and the only anterior pain I experienced was post-cycling, which is when I sat on the dining room chair to take my socks and shoes off. However, I must comment that I experienced slight discomfort in the tailbone area because of the heightened effects of Endometriosis during menstruation. But I soon discovered that throwing more weight onto the arms thus relieving pressure on the tailbone during cycling relieved this.

By the time day three of testing my Selle Italia saddle came around I was feeling pretty irritable and my glutes were tight. So the odds were stacked against the Selle Italia saddle. And to top it off, not long into my ride I felt that "concrete" feeling in my legs. They were heavy and didn't feel like turning the pedals. I remember thinking - well this is going to make for great testing conditions today. Of course, reflecting my mood was this niggling feeling around my tailbone area, which made me conscious of the fact that I had to shift a few times on the saddle throughout my ride. Then the horrible thought started to creep into my head that the Selle Italia LDY Gel Flow TRANS AM had failed on day three. But then I considered how it compared to other brands of saddles I had tried (eg. Repco, Velo, Serfas, BBB, Bontrager, Adura, and Xenon), and reminded myself of the confounding variable that I had introduced being menstruation.

My conclusion is that the Selle Italia LDY Gel Flow TRANS AM still outperformed any other saddle I've been on. In fact, I was so impressed with how comfortable it is to ride on that I have gone and ordered two more for myself; one for Trusty and one for Neo my matte black flatbar. So praise be to the Selle Italia LDY Gel Flow TRANS AM, which I've now designated it as The "Anteriorpeutic" Saddle for women.

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