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 Articles >>> What Ever
Software Programs That Piss Me Off
What Ever: 11.03.05, 04:55:15 by mib
What Ever Many programs can piss you off, especially ones that crash. But these poorly written programs are not the ones that get up my nose.

The ones that get on my nerves have a deliberate trait put in by their writers that really aggravate me. Worse still it happens at the moment they start, so they put me immediately in a bad mood with them.

What is it they do? They insist on being on top when they start. Some have multiple sub sections that start one after each other and each time a piece starts they jump to the top. So even after you have reselected another window they jump back on top.

Why is this so annoying? I often start a number of apps at once time, and while they are starting begin working in a window. Next thing this window jumps over the top of what I am doing that I then have to get rid of, before get back to where I was.

There are many companies that make programs that have this bad trait. All Microsoft programs behave this way, thinking they are the only piece software you are ever going to use. But what else would you expect from Microsoft programs? That's the company from the top down. But in fairness they are not alone, many others do it to.

Not all programs do it. For example, Mozilla Firefox doesn't, so it isn’t just something inherent in Windows. It is some done deliberately by the software makers. I just wish I could turn it off!

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